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*New Clothes - Recycled Sari Reversible Wrap Around Skirt

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Reversible Wrap Around Skirt

Two Layer reversible wrap around Skirt. These Magic Wrap around Skirts are Multi Wear dress that are not stitched from one side and are wrapped and these skirts are mostly used as casual wear. This skirt has a flowy and relaxed fit for any season carefree movement. Comes in mixed size lengths.

This item is made out of recycled sari's so the material on them will differ.

Coronavirus update

*Please Note: The date of delivery is approximately from the 25th to 30th of July (the delay was caused by the virus lockdown in the UK and India). We are working hard with our shipping agents to make sure that this date is achievable. Please note we have a large amount of orders for these items and the stock values shown can be purchased. Thank you for your patience.

PLEASE NOTE IF you order other items they will all be sent out together 

many thanks and stay safe

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