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*All New - Khus Soap 75gm

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Khus Soap

Traditional Indian soap made from one of the oldest soap manufacturers in India. Comes in a variety of amazingly delicate aromas, all free from animal fats and made using natural ingredients. Try these soaps today as an alternative to western soaps which can often contain harmful chemicals for you and the environment. These fresh and vibrant soaps are perfect for those who want natural traditional soap, with the formula tried and tested over hundreds of years.

This soap is manufactured by Gulab Singh Johrimal company in India which was established in 1816 mainly as an Attar manufacturing business. For 193 years this company has been spreading fragrance from its Head Office in Dariba Kalan. This street is the oldest retail market of Old Delhi. The retail outlet in Chandni Chowk was started later on. With the changing times and the needs of the customer, the company has diversified into the compounding, Incense and Toilet Soaps manufacturing. The main aim here is customer satisfaction. With the wide variety of products, there is always something interesting for the people of all age groups and taste.

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