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Dream Creation, Achieving Goals and Sheer Happiness with Namrata Mamgain

Read her words below to find out more..

Every decision we make, every choice to act or not act is determined by our intention to manage our life and feelings in one way or another. Every day we make choices to do or not do many things. These choices may range from profound to trivial and each one has an effect that makes our lives more fulfilling or less fulfilling, more balanced or less balanced, that makes our process of living more effective or less effective. Without exception, everyone wants peace instead of conflict, fulfilment instead of frustration, Connection instead of isolation, dreams converted into reality, a childlike sleep instead of head laden with worries and a story of life self-written and directed. The challenge is the unconscious barrier, lack of clarity, unconscious competence or simply the missing “How”, which stops us from creating the life we deserve and desire.

I have brought on board highly trained and relentlessly committed specialists together on my platform along with myself to help those who seek help to discover themselves, who are deeply committed to their own personal transformation, want nurturing relationships, want to create joy and meaning in their chosen work, and want to be their most powerful, creative and authentic self to learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life. We help you transform your life by helping you examine what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be through Coaching, Music Therapy, Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Meditation.

I am a professional who has earned her bread in the corporate world for the last 25 years with cross functional work experience in Sales, Business Development, Training and Learning & Development with diversified industries of Indian Corporate. This experience has helped me acquire  deep functional expertise in creating an empowering culture of learning and capability development to meet strategic Sales Training & human capital requirements at organizational levels through designing and deploying relevant learning interventions.

The last 14 years, spending in the capability development at leadership positions has given me opportunity to listen and observe people very closely. This has made me truly passionate about people & skill development to maximize every opportunity to leverage strengths in individuals through skill & behaviour. Whether it was personal or professional, many people were approaching and asking for my advice or just to bounce ideas off me andI was constantly helping people make positive choices and important decisions that would improve their situation.

Website: http://namratamamgain.com/



Mjasha have been working to help the poor of the Dhaka slums for more than 15 years. Beginning with rescue work amongst young street girls of the Gulshan area of the city, Asha has progressively educated many hundreds of illiterate teenagers, provided workshops and training in hand craft skills and supported families through flooding, ill health and loss. In recent years our work has concentrated on helping the young women and mothers of the project to respond to the needs and demands of their generation and the local community around them. We now have two Workshops producing quality handcrafts and embroideries. As well as providing a safe alternative for the employment of young women, and especially mothers with children, these workshops help to provide an income for girls of working age.

We also run a series of School Classes to give basic education to local slum children, plus Coaching Classes and Computer Classes for local teenage girls in full time education, and provide a Playgroup for workers children, All these enterprises take place within our own Asha Literacy Centre and are entirely staffed by our own young women. We also have an expanding work amongst adult women of the slum in the form of Literacy Classes and Health Counselling. We are training more educators to cope with the huge demand. Most recently we have begun to seek Schools Sponsorships for girls, and a few boys, whom Literacy Centre staff have picked out as needy and keen to learn. We sponsor and support these local children directly by paying school fees and subsistence to enable them to attend local state schools. We run a support scheme alongside this and many of them continue to attend our Coaching Classes after school.

Website: https://www.mjasha.org.uk



Information on how you can help to free Tibet. Free Tibet's vision is a free Tibet in which Tibetans are able to determine their own future and the human rights of all are respected. They campaign for an end to China's occupation of Tibet and for international recognition of Tibetans' right to freedom. They mobilise active support for the Tibetan cause, champion human rights and challenge those whose actions sustain the occupation. Free Tibet are entirely funded by their supporters across the world. You can join the cause here and show your support below:

Website: https://www.freetibet.org


The Kanji Project is a small UK registered charity which aims to advance education and relieve poverty in India. With the superb efforts of some very determined, caring and capable people in India and the UK, the Kanji Project has flourished from its humble roots in a one-room hut school and dormitory in 1996.  It now has a purpose built school for up to 1500 pupils, St Anthony’s; a children’s home, Shanthi Lumin; offers vital medical assistance to some of the most destitute and needy in their communities and supports other projects that impact positively by improving the lives of so many children and their families in Kanji and its surrounds. We are pleased to announce that the Kanji Project are now sourcing and selling some of our products in the UK to help them raise much needed funds. This is one of many projects that the Indian Connection is proud to be financially supporting in 2014.  We hope that you too may be inspired to sponsor a child, donate or offer any other practical assistance you can to help the Kanji Project in their work.

Website: https://www.thekanjiproject.org.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thekanjiproject



Womenable is an international social project operating under the international student-run enterprise 'Enactus' at King's College London. They currently work with tribal women from rural India in the state of Gujarat, who product embroidered mats with threads and beads. WomenAble empowers tribal artisans in India by equipping them with business skills and expanding their reach into international markets.

We are delighted to support this initiative by assisting with the import of their special products. We invite you to take a look at their project and support them in any way that you can. They can be found using the links below:

Website: https://www.womenablekcl.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womenablekcl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/womenablekcl



We love to design products that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Earth, Moon and Stars encapsulates the magical elements of the world that constantly surrounds us. This is sometimes forgotten when we live such busy, chaotic lives. For mum’s, multi-tasking is second nature, but when you have a moment to stop, breathe, gather your thoughts… You start to appreciate all the great things that surround us, as well as the natural beauty of the Earth and everything in it.

Bringing a unique collection of contemporary clothing and gifts for the little people close to your heart. Design and quality are at the centre of all our creations - they are stylish, practical and most importantly comfortable. Made from 100% cotton they are super-soft and easily washable. We do everything we can to source our materials as ethically and sustainably as possible. Our products are designed and created in the UK. Each item is individually hand-made and packaged with love and care by the team at Earth, Moon and Stars in Brighton. Whether it be a gift for yourselves or someone else, we have just the thing for you. We are constantly expanding our designs and collections so be sure to check back soon for all our latest products!

Website: https://www.earthmoonandstars.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/earthmoonandstars

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/earthmoonandstars/


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